Mommy & me 2 in 1 Deluxe doll stroller EXTRA TALL 32” HIGH (view all photos) 9695 Beige Plaid

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Your child no longer needs to hunch down while pushing her doll stroller. This stroller is truly a deluxe unique, masterpiece! Made of top quality, and will last a really long time!

  • Multi function doll Stroller/Pram. Doll can face Child or out side world.
  • 16''W 24''L And height can be adjusted up to 32'' high. This stroller is fold-able. With the click of a button remove the bassinet and fold the stroller.
  • Comes with carriage Bag. Bassinet Cover. basket in the bottom. Swiveling wheels.
  • Minor & easy assemblly. Made of top Quality & safety tested for lead free
  • Makes an amazing gift